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International Competitions

The 2016 Masters World Cup will be held here in the UK at Action Indoor Sports Birmingham.

In 2017 an undecided host nation will hold the World Indoor Cricket Federation (WICF) World Cup. Teams will compete across four categories; Men’s, Women’s, Boys U20s and Girls U20s.

The ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ International Development Team (IDT) will work with all past international players on development for the next World Cup. However selection of the final 16 in each category for the next World Cup will be reselected with a trial process starting from Winter 2016. If you wish to be included in this process please ensure that you have registered and played in the National League.

Details of trials will be posted closer to the time.


Who Can Tour?

With a view to maximum participation and ongoing support of players by Action Indoor Cricket England all World Indoor Cricket Federation (WICF) competitions are accessible to Action Indoor Cricket England International sides, regardless of category, subject to there being a mirror National League category in the year prior to, or of, the WICF event.

The National League Committee is obliged to run any league when a minimum of three Arena teams enter in a given season. Three teams is the minimum number of teams required for a league to take place.

Arenas will henceforth be given the option to enter teams at any category for the National League at which there are WICF events in the same or upcoming year.

Exceptions to this will be the Men’s and Women’s leagues which will run ever year, regardless of upcoming WICF events.

The introduction of this ruling promotes a clear player pathway from their introduction to the sport through to the International game. It also serves to ensure that sides are representative with a minimum of 24 players competing for spaces in a final touring squad.


‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ Player Pathway

Mirroring the ECB performance pathway, the structure will follow the pattern as below:

▪   Player introduced to ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ indoor cricket.

▪   Player competes at ‘Action Indoor Cricket England affiliated centre or other relevant location.

▪   Player selected to represent a centre in the National League.

▪   Player competes in a minimum of 33% of National League games in a given season.

▪   Subject to performance level, player qualifies for ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ International trials.

▪   Subject to successful trial player able to represent ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ International sides.


Selection Criteria

For any given person to be considered for selection for an ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ International side they must meet the following criteria:

▪   In order to qualify for ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ International teams you must compete in the National League in the year prior to, or of, the competition in which you wish to compete in the category that you wish to represent.  A minimum of 33% of games must be completed by any given player

▪   In order to qualify for ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ International teams you should attend a minimum of 50% of any England training organised. A full schedule of training will be published to players ahead of trials in order to allow this criteria to be satisfied

▪   Agree and sign into the Touring Protocols

In addition, players will be analysed based upon the following performance areas for final selection:

▪   Technical

▪   Tactical

▪   Mental

▪   Physical


The Selection Process

All selections for all International sides will now be made by an independent Selection Committee, comprising of the International Head Coaches, Team Lead Coaches and the Operations Manager.

Mirroring the ECB selection process, the structure will follow the pattern as below:

▪   Player performs in the National League

▪   Player invited to training camps which will act as trials for the ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ International sides

▪   Player selected to represent the ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ International sides based upon trial performances


Touring Protocols

All International tours will now be run by ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’, organised through the Operations Manager and led by a combination of Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Lead Coaches and Team Lead Managers.

While player payment will be required in order to compete with the recreational nature of the game, to move towards of Mission Statement and the professional standards to which we want to aspire in the future a number of tour protocols will be enforced by the IDT.

These will be published in advance of any given tour to allow players to decide if they are happy to accept the terms of selection prior to a squad place being confirmed through the Selection Committee.

Areas covered will include:

▪   Behaviour standards

▪   Training standards

▪   Curfews

However, following consultation with previously selected players and work with affiliated travel partners some basic principles of touring have been confirmed:

▪   All players will be required to travel as a team using an affiliated travel partner

▪   All tours will leave a minimum of five days prior to the WICF event commencing